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It’s been a bit crazy this week on the work front. Part of it is my own fault for forgetting that I was supposed to give a talk in the Ultra-High Pressure Group Meeting on Monday; a fact of which I was reminded at about 1 am Monday morning as I was on my way to bed. Awesome.

So I spent the first couple of hours at work on Monday preparing for the talk I was to give in the afternoon. Luckily, since I had just given the lecture to the 3rd year undergrads this past Thursday, I was able to recycle a lot of the basic information and just add in some more specific details.

Let’s hear it for Copy/Paste!

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Short post tonight because I am dog tired. I had the lecture for the third year undergraduate students today. I had a lot of trouble trying to figure out exactly what to do for the talk because I was trying to balance out what was too much detail and what was not enough. I was also very afraid that because of the language issue, many of the students would just tune me out and automatically write me off. This fear had been reinforced by some of the other people in the GRC telling me that was what was going to happen.

I was pleasantly surprised.

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I met with my boss again at the end of this week to pick up our discussions where we left off, and I definitely feel much better about things. We went over, in detail, the events of the meeting, what they mean and where we are headed now. He explained to me that it was unprecedented and a difficult situation to discuss, so he opted to do it in Japanese to minimize the time and trouble it would be with the intent of involving me one-on-one afterward. When he explained everything to me, I understood where he was coming from, and we had a little shared laugh at my “Don’t do it again!” joke.

Aside from the meeting, I also discussed with him some of the other things I mentioned in my previous post. I appreciate the fact that he took about an hour and a half out of his time to talk with me about all these things, as he definitely helped to put my mind at ease.

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It’s been an interesting week or so at work. Being a new faculty member can be a bit of a challenge anywhere, I imagine, and getting used to the changes from being either a Post-Doc or even a student can be overwhelming at times. I’m not sure how it is for anyone else who has been in this type of situation, but I feel sometimes I am having difficulty trying to integrate into the department. I feel that became abundantly clear this week.

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