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Yes, I know it has been some time since the last time I wrote here. Exactly one month, in fact. I have my reasons, which I will state shortly. It has been a busy month for Emi, as she has learned to walk, said her first word, and graduated Kindergarten. She stands almost five feet tall, and is now fluent in 7 languages. Sorry you guys missed all that.

Obviously not. Here’s recent proof that she hasn’t changed too much in the last month.

What was that?
What’s that over there?

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So, after posting that last video of me singing some metal to Emi so she would fall asleep, Sara’s sister Jen threw down a challenge.

“Okay so just to prove your experimentation truly works, you should show Em-Dot in the midst of a babypocolypse moment and then you singing and then her not being in babypocolypse mode any more :P”

Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.

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I have mentioned before that when Emi gets fussy, I will walk her around and sing to her to get her to calm down. For some reason, Daddy’s voice seems to soothe her and put her to sleep. However, traditional lullabies and mellow melodies don’t do the trick. She vastly prefers Daddy to sing Metal to lull her off to Dreamland.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to take a moment to share with you the new, fresh face of the Heavy Metal Movement:

Metal Is Forever!!!

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Allow me to say up front that Sara will probably want to slap me for this post, but it’s too cute for me to ignore. Emi’s got a sweater that Sara’s mom made for her that is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. It looks really good on her, and I think it intensifies the amazing, heretofore unknown levels of awesomeness that my daughter naturally exudes. So why would Sara beat the crap out of me over that?

The sweater is done in Kwanzaa colors.

Happy Kwanzaa.
Happy Kwanzaa, Internet!

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It’s been a bit crazy this week on the work front. Part of it is my own fault for forgetting that I was supposed to give a talk in the Ultra-High Pressure Group Meeting on Monday; a fact of which I was reminded at about 1 am Monday morning as I was on my way to bed. Awesome.

So I spent the first couple of hours at work on Monday preparing for the talk I was to give in the afternoon. Luckily, since I had just given the lecture to the 3rd year undergrads this past Thursday, I was able to recycle a lot of the basic information and just add in some more specific details.

Let’s hear it for Copy/Paste!

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I find it amazing how much Emiko is growing and maturing, even in such a short time. While her weight hasn’t increased so much above where it was at her birth, she has grown in length quite substantially, to the point where it is not possible for me to hold her the same way I did when she was first born.

She’s becoming quite the strong little girl as well, and enjoys nothing so much as ninja-kicking me in the face or nether regions when she gets fussy. Sara and I speculate she may be trying to prevent future siblings from hogging her limelight. She is definitely a Diva-in-training with her temper and demands.

Daddy, as the lone male, is now on borrowed time…

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Another weekend is quickly drawing to a close here in the Whitaker household. Sara is in bed with Emiko, finally having gotten Miss Fussy to fall asleep tonight. She was overtired, and as such became awfully cranky and had difficulty finally falling asleep. Daddy Magic only went so far. I could get her out for about ten minutes at a time, but then she’d jerk herself awake and fuss some more. She wanted the one thing I couldn’t give her, and once Mommy took her to bed and provided her with a little food, she was out like the sweet angel I know she is deep down inside.

Sometimes, it’s very deep, but I know it’s there.

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I know it’s a couple of days after the fact, but it’s been a particularly hectic time so I haven’t had time to write about it until now. On Tuesday afternoon, Sara’s mom and sister went back to the U.S. after their two-week stay with us. They were a big help to Sara during her first two weeks home from the hospital with little Emi-chan, and I am very grateful for all that they did to help get her ready for her Solo Mom Debut this week.

And I am especially grateful to Siobhan for making the trip, even though she had to fly back to the U.S. on her birthday. Sorry about that.

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So I found myself watching Emiko while she was sleepy/sleeping last night. It still amazes me how fascinated I can be with something that does relatively little, in all reality. Every breath she takes is, to me, the most wondrous thing I have ever seen. It’s hard to quantify or put into words, but I do truly feel that she is the closest thing to a miracle that I have ever experienced in my life.

Smiling Emi.

How can anyone not melt for that?

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