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The inspiration behind this post’s title does in fact come from arguably one of the only consistently good things about Saturday Night Live over the years. It was great with Dennis Miller and Kevin Nealon. Even Norm McDonald was alright in that role. But Tina Fey…

Ah, Tina Fey…

Where was I? Oh, yes. Emi had a decent weekend with everyone, though unfortunately I missed half of it by being in the office all day Saturday. She’s getting a lot stronger, and has become quite adept at picking up her head.

Curious Emi.    Emi doing pushups.

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These pics are a couple of days old now, but still worth posting as a quick update up in here. Sara first gave Emi a bath here at home a couple of days after they left the hospital. She wasn’t real happy with that bath, which she had in the dishpan, and she showed her displeasure with hearty complaints and some scattered shivering. Unfortunately, while the dishpan is convenient, it’s not very deep, and while Emi does enjoy the warm bath water, she doesn’t enjoy being exposed to the air after being wet. So, to overcome this problem, Mommy used a cutting board and a towel to block off the entire sink to make a big ol’ bath for her, and she seemed much more content this time.

Wet Emi.

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Don’t let the title deceive you, the trip was actually quite uneventful and Emi behaved quite well the entire time. Actually, she straight up slept the entire trip, both ways. I just liked the title because it’s the name of a cheesy 80′s movie starring Jennifer Jason Leigh. Awesome.

Anyway, as I said, Emi slept in transit both ways, and really only woke up while we were actually IN the consulate trying to get everything taken care of. Of course, she was fussy then, so Daddy had to use every magic trick in his arsenal to keep her placated, much to the amusement (or bemusement) of the Consular staff. I got smiles and a compliment on my singing to her, which is always nice.

Ego stroke for the win.

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Very quick post, as it’s really early and we’re about to head off to Osaka to get Emi’s passport stuff taken care of. She’s awake and looking around, no doubt curious about the ruckus, but being calm about it all. Hopefully that trend will continue.

Emi chillin'.

Wish us luck. We’re going to need it…


We had a big weekend chock full of action here at the Whitaker House. A lot of things going down, but nothing overly noteworthy. Since it is getting rather late, I expect this will end up being a rather short post insofar as my rambling prose is concerned. However, I didn’t have to rely on others to utilize my camera this weekend since I was around with them instead of at work, so I was able to grab a bunch of new pictures and a couple videos as well. I think I’ll start with perhaps my favorite one…

Emi Smiles. Ish.

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Alright, just a quick post here to show my pride. It turns out my little girl seems to be following in the footsteps of her old man. Emiko is all about the Metal! Some of you might be saying to yourselves right now that it’s too soon for Emi to show any real preference for music. Some of you might be wondering what proof I might have to make such a claim. Some of you probably think I’m full of it anyway, but will continue reading because you’re curious whether or not there is some small grain of proof at the center of these claims.

You people in that third group make me sad all day.

Anyway, I state that my little Emi-chan is Metal for these reasons:

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Today was quite possibly one of the longer, more exhausting days that I’ve ever had that didn’t involve experiment time at a synchrotron facility. I was up with little Emi-chan at the crack of dawn and played the role of Super Daddy battling the onslaught of the maniacal criminal genius himself, Poopy Diaper. Once again, the forces of good had triumphed, and the streets of Matsuyama proved safe for little Emiko to go about her business, allowing breakfast to be underway in short order. I hopped into the shower and got ready for work, and by the time I was finished, little Emi was back sleeping in Mommy’s arms, which made it much more difficult to leave.

Emi sleeping on Mommy.    Kiss goodbye.

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Today (Thursday, September 30) I spent most of my day dealing with the bureaucratic red tape that goes along with having a baby in Japan. Because of this, I left the camera in the hands of the Huggins women for the day. Unfortunately, the ONLY pictures they took were a few shots of Emi sleeping on Siobhan, like the one below.

Emi napping with Aunt Siobhan.

I guess in retrospect it was quite fortuitous that I forgot to include the videos that I took yesterday in my previous post. Here’s some more eye candy to keep your appetites for Emi-chan sated.
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After all the waiting, my girls have finally come home. I’ve never felt so acutely aware of just how small our little Japanese-style apartment is until now, but I’ll take all the cramped spaces necessary if it means I get to have them home with me. It was a ridiculously busy day with lots to be done, but it was a good one overall, starting with Miss Emi getting her wake up call in the morning.

Wake up call.

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One more day… Just one more day…

I got to the hospital this morning, and Emi was awake and hanging out with her mommy. It was nice to see her up and looking around. I seized the opportunity and took a few pictures of some of the other emotions and expressions Emi has started to exhibit.

Uneasy Emi.
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