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It’s been a bit crazy this week on the work front. Part of it is my own fault for forgetting that I was supposed to give a talk in the Ultra-High Pressure Group Meeting on Monday; a fact of which I was reminded at about 1 am Monday morning as I was on my way to bed. Awesome.

So I spent the first couple of hours at work on Monday preparing for the talk I was to give in the afternoon. Luckily, since I had just given the lecture to the 3rd year undergrads this past Thursday, I was able to recycle a lot of the basic information and just add in some more specific details.

Let’s hear it for Copy/Paste!

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Don’t let the title deceive you, the trip was actually quite uneventful and Emi behaved quite well the entire time. Actually, she straight up slept the entire trip, both ways. I just liked the title because it’s the name of a cheesy 80′s movie starring Jennifer Jason Leigh. Awesome.

Anyway, as I said, Emi slept in transit both ways, and really only woke up while we were actually IN the consulate trying to get everything taken care of. Of course, she was fussy then, so Daddy had to use every magic trick in his arsenal to keep her placated, much to the amusement (or bemusement) of the Consular staff. I got smiles and a compliment on my singing to her, which is always nice.

Ego stroke for the win.

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Today was quite possibly one of the longer, more exhausting days that I’ve ever had that didn’t involve experiment time at a synchrotron facility. I was up with little Emi-chan at the crack of dawn and played the role of Super Daddy battling the onslaught of the maniacal criminal genius himself, Poopy Diaper. Once again, the forces of good had triumphed, and the streets of Matsuyama proved safe for little Emiko to go about her business, allowing breakfast to be underway in short order. I hopped into the shower and got ready for work, and by the time I was finished, little Emi was back sleeping in Mommy’s arms, which made it much more difficult to leave.

Emi sleeping on Mommy.    Kiss goodbye.

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Today (Thursday, September 30) I spent most of my day dealing with the bureaucratic red tape that goes along with having a baby in Japan. Because of this, I left the camera in the hands of the Huggins women for the day. Unfortunately, the ONLY pictures they took were a few shots of Emi sleeping on Siobhan, like the one below.

Emi napping with Aunt Siobhan.

I guess in retrospect it was quite fortuitous that I forgot to include the videos that I took yesterday in my previous post. Here’s some more eye candy to keep your appetites for Emi-chan sated.
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So, as I mentioned very briefly in the last post, I had to return to work today, as I only got two days off for the baby delivery. Luckily, the scheduled delivery dates fell in between two holiday days here in Japan, so I was able to be with Sara and Emi for some extra time. I missed them so much today it was ridiculous. However, time marches on, and I’m here with an update for everyone.

So, Sara is up and moving around fairly well now. They took the epidural tube out of her back this morning, and she seems to be handling everything and recovering very well. I told her that I needed proof to show people that she’s doing ok, which led to this…

Sara Fonzarelli.

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