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After all the waiting, my girls have finally come home. I’ve never felt so acutely aware of just how small our little Japanese-style apartment is until now, but I’ll take all the cramped spaces necessary if it means I get to have them home with me. It was a ridiculously busy day with lots to be done, but it was a good one overall, starting with Miss Emi getting her wake up call in the morning.

Wake up call.

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One more day… Just one more day…

I got to the hospital this morning, and Emi was awake and hanging out with her mommy. It was nice to see her up and looking around. I seized the opportunity and took a few pictures of some of the other emotions and expressions Emi has started to exhibit.

Uneasy Emi.
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So today’s post is going to be on the short side for a few reasons. First, I spent about 2 hours going through my software, trying to edit a video file and it just wouldn’t work. Then I put it back on the camera and edited it there. Talk about a waste of effort…

Second, I was at work again today, so I wasn’t with my girls for most of the day, which leaves me with less than usual to write about. Third, Sara was in charge of the camera today, and only snapped a couple of pictures and one exceedingly long video that I had to cut down a bit. Here’s the “Emi Presley” picture that Sara took of our little girl today.

Elvis Baby.

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On the whole, today wasn’t our best day, but it wasn’t all bad by any means. We had a few sessions of sleeping on Daddy’s chest, which are quickly becoming my favorite parts of the day. When I got to the hospital this morning, Emiko was wide awake and looking around, so I got to play around with her a little bit and snap a couple of pictures while she was nice and calm.

Pretty girl.  Pretty girl.

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I am happy to report that my fears were unfounded, and Emiko still knew her Daddy when I showed up today, which was later than I intended thanks to sleeping through my alarm. I feel really bad about that, because Sara was beyond tired when I got there. Turns out Emi was very fussy last night and wouldn’t sleep. Sara told me she thought it was because she missed her Daddy, so she tried doing the things I do to try and placate her. Talking more, bouncing her around, holding her hand, but to no avail. Finally, after four hours of restlessness, Sara picked her up and took her for a walk down the hall. About two minutes later, she was out like a light. Though I’m sorry she had to go through that last night, it made me smile a little knowing that Emi does love her Daddy at least a little bit.

Cheesy MySpace-style self shot.

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So, as I mentioned very briefly in the last post, I had to return to work today, as I only got two days off for the baby delivery. Luckily, the scheduled delivery dates fell in between two holiday days here in Japan, so I was able to be with Sara and Emi for some extra time. I missed them so much today it was ridiculous. However, time marches on, and I’m here with an update for everyone.

So, Sara is up and moving around fairly well now. They took the epidural tube out of her back this morning, and she seems to be handling everything and recovering very well. I told her that I needed proof to show people that she’s doing ok, which led to this…

Sara Fonzarelli.

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Hi All,

I just wanted to let you all know how I’ve been operating these last few days. I apologize if the info is coming slower than you’d like, but we have no internet access at the hospital, so the only time I get to go online is when I get home late at night in between making dinner, taking the dog out, and eating said dinner before passing out and heading to the hospital again the next morning.
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Hey there all,

So I have to say that today was a good day. Good ol’ Ice Cube knew what he was talking about. Sara’s becoming a bit more mobile, as is little Emi, who is starting to show signs of personality. I love that little girl.

Sara and Emi in bed.  Emi can almost pick her head up.

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It’s finally done and Sara is hopefully sleeping now as I write this. The labor induction unfortunately had no effect, but Sara’s blood pressure continued to rise even while just lying in bed, so the decision was made to perform a C-section. She went into surgery at 430pm, and our baby was born less than an hour later. Here are all the pertinent stats on our new daughter:

Daddy and Emi's first picture.

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Ok, All,

No baby yet. Sara is in the hospital tonight and we begin induction drugs again at 9am (8PM EST). More information when we get it, but with the time difference, don’t expect anything until tomorrow your time.