I’ve had a couple of people ask where the name of this blog site came from, and while I wish I could claim the genius behind the title as my own, the fact is the credit lies with a vastly under-appreciated musical mastermind that just about everyone’s heard, whether or not they know it: Colin Hay.

No, you may not recognize the name at first, but I’m 99% sure most of you remember his work. Men At Work was a very popular band in the early 80′s, with such hits as “Down Under” and “Who Can It Be Now?” and Colin Hay was the creative force behind that band. Though they broke up not long after, Hay continued to write and record music as a solo artist. While I am known for my more Metal tendencies, Colin Hay is anything but, and still has managed to create some of the best music I have ever heard.

He has undergone kind of a renaissance resurgence over the last several years, thanks in no small part to the TV show Scrubs, which featured him and his music quite prominently. Some of you may even find the above song familiar, but can’t place where you’ve heard it before. Scrubs would be the answer.

Colin Hay was actually featured as himself on an episode of Scrubs playing an acoustic version of one of Men At Work’s best songs, “Overkill,” during the opening sequence.

So, anyway, there you have it, for those of you curious enough to care. Thanks again for dropping by, and mad props to Colin Hay for being a straight up musical genius.


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  1. Aunt Duck says:

    Ah! I do know him! I loved him in scrubs. Thanks for putting a name to the face and awesome music :D