These pics are a couple of days old now, but still worth posting as a quick update up in here. Sara first gave Emi a bath here at home a couple of days after they left the hospital. She wasn’t real happy with that bath, which she had in the dishpan, and she showed her displeasure with hearty complaints and some scattered shivering. Unfortunately, while the dishpan is convenient, it’s not very deep, and while Emi does enjoy the warm bath water, she doesn’t enjoy being exposed to the air after being wet. So, to overcome this problem, Mommy used a cutting board and a towel to block off the entire sink to make a big ol’ bath for her, and she seemed much more content this time.

Wet Emi.

The deeper bin with more space to maneuver proved to be much more up Emi’s alley, and she was much more content this time around. She gets an almost zen-like calm about her when it comes to bath time (when she’s not cold, that is). I wonder if the warmth and wet remind her of her time in the womb, or if she just likes the feeling of the water. Either way, she enjoys it, so I don’t question it too much.

Emi Bath.  Emi bath.

There are more pictures, but none of you need to be checking out my baby’s stuff.

After the bath, she was getting dried off a bit, trying to prevent any possible Babypocalypse from erupting, and they snapped a couple more pictures. Any of you reading this who are wrestling fans should appreciate these a bit…

AJ Who?
AJ Who?

No, really. Who’s this Styles guy?

Simply Phenomenal. (But better on the microphone.)

Unfortunately, the drying off didn’t happen fast enough to prevent the cold from setting in, and with the cold came the Babypocalypse.


Now, for the record, Sara has begun showering with Emi instead in hopes of saving the world from destruction for another day. Godspeed, Mommy.


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  1. Kasia says:

    Sara! You make such a wonderful Mommy!!