The inspiration behind this post’s title does in fact come from arguably one of the only consistently good things about Saturday Night Live over the years. It was great with Dennis Miller and Kevin Nealon. Even Norm McDonald was alright in that role. But Tina Fey…

Ah, Tina Fey…

Where was I? Oh, yes. Emi had a decent weekend with everyone, though unfortunately I missed half of it by being in the office all day Saturday. She’s getting a lot stronger, and has become quite adept at picking up her head.

Curious Emi.    Emi doing pushups.

She’s becoming a lot more awake and aware, which is both good and bad, as the more time she spends awake, the more time she spends fussy. Of course, she is also learning more about how her body and the world work, which is a good thing, but almost uncanny. She likes music and likes it when I sing to her, and it seems like she is starting to want to get a feel for doing it herself.

Emiko practices her karaoke technique.
Emioke.    Emioke.    Emioke.

She is also starting to become a little more picky. She doesn’t like to be still when she’s not feeding or sleeping. She wants us to move around while carrying her. At first this wasn’t too bad, but it has evolved to her wanting us to dance instead of simply walk around. This has led to a bit of a problem for me because, as an overweight white guy, I have no business dancing. This is a fact which even Emi picked up on, as she schooled me in the proper technique for doing the Thriller dance.

Emiko teaches Daddy the proper way to do the Thriller dance.
thriller.    thriller.

She’s also been working on expanding her repertoire of expressions and poses, which always makes me smile.

Posing Emi.
Change we can believe in.

Hesitant Emi.
“I don’t-a think it-a means what you think it-a means.”

Gangsta Emi.
“I’m trying to make the ‘Bloods’ sign, Daddy, but it just ends up looking like the ‘Crips.’”

She’s getting a lot more articulate control over her fingers, as you can see, in addition to gaining in strength. Now that Sara is feeding her every two hours, she has begun to gain weight at an acceptable rate and is back up to birth weight, which is great news. The best news, for me anyway, is that even though she is getting bigger and developing, she still enjoys some good old N.O.D. action.

Sleeping Emi.

Yes, I am in desperate need of a shave. I have been afraid to do so because of how Emi likes to nuzzle herself up under my chin. The hair there, when it is longer, is quite soft, but the stubble can be extremely sharp, and I hate the thought of irritating her skin. Still, I have to give a lecture to the 3rd year undergrads on Thursday, so I expect a shave to happen between now and then.

Which about wraps things up for this one. Say Bye-Bye, Emi…

Bye-Bye Emi.

Stay Metal, people, and I’ll catch you on the flip side.


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    How precious!!