Another weekend is quickly drawing to a close here in the Whitaker household. Sara is in bed with Emiko, finally having gotten Miss Fussy to fall asleep tonight. She was overtired, and as such became awfully cranky and had difficulty finally falling asleep. Daddy Magic only went so far. I could get her out for about ten minutes at a time, but then she’d jerk herself awake and fuss some more. She wanted the one thing I couldn’t give her, and once Mommy took her to bed and provided her with a little food, she was out like the sweet angel I know she is deep down inside.

Sometimes, it’s very deep, but I know it’s there.

We had a good weekend overall. On Saturday we went downtown to eat at CoCo Curry and to retrieve the bicycle I left there the night before. Emiko was really well-behaved the whole time we were out, which was good. She started to wake up at the end of the trip, as she was starting to get hungry again, but luckily we had made it home just in time.

She has started to have fussy periods a couple of times a day now where nothing, not even food, will get her to calm down for more than a couple of minutes. My mother had warned me that this would happen, but I was hoping it was just a cliche and not a real thing. It’s not overly bad in most cases, but seeing as how these two fussy periods occur around breakfast time and dinner time, it can be a little difficult. Still, I have heard horror stories of much worse, so I really can’t complain in the grand scheme of things.

Today we had a little more excitement, I think, as we started the day with a Skype call from my Momz, who finally got to see Emiko live and as close to in person as she can for another couple of weeks. Momz will be flying out here at the end of October to stay for two weeks, but I think she’s getting a little antsy, and probably jealous of Sara’s mom and sister who were here for two weeks already. Time is going by quickly though, so Momz will be here soon enough.

After the Skype call, Emi got her Second Breakfast, and then we headed out to the local park with the dog in tow for a nice Sunday morning walk. We were out for almost 2 hours, stopping at the store on the way back, and again by the time we got home, Emi was stirring and looking for some foodage. Sara obliged her, and once again we had a pleasant, quiet afternoon. Emi got to watch her first Royal Rumble on DVD, which is cool for me. Ok, she didn’t actually watch so much as she slept while I watched it, but the sentiment was there.

After the Rumble, mommy took Emi to give her a shower, and a minor Babypocalypse ensued afterward from the cold. It’s starting (finally) to cool off here, and Emi can get chilly pretty quick. Once she was nice and warm again, things calmed right down for the rest of the afternoon.

Until fussy time hit while Sara was making dinner. Luckily, Super Daddy was on hand to help fight off the fuss, but it was a tough battle that left our hero emotionally and physically drained. After dinner, it was time for food and sleep, and now we find ourselves where I started this post. So, nothing overly spectacular this weekend, but it was nice spending it with my family without having to go into work. I’ll try to tell better stories next time, even if I have to make them up.

“So today we went deep sea diving with William Shatner and Macaulay Culkin. Everything was going well until Mac’s shrooms kicked in and he thought we was a turtle. It took me about fifteen minutes to revive him, and he lost a lot of oxygen, but the doctors say he’ll eventually regain the use of his nostrils.”

Yeah, that could work. Until next time, stay Metal, people.



  1. Aunt Duck says:

    I’m glad Mac’ll be able to use his nostrils again soon ;)
    Give Em-Dot a hug and a kiss from the Aunt she doesn’t know she has yet :P

  2. Grandma R says:

    Pictures. Where be the pictures.