I find it amazing how much Emiko is growing and maturing, even in such a short time. While her weight hasn’t increased so much above where it was at her birth, she has grown in length quite substantially, to the point where it is not possible for me to hold her the same way I did when she was first born.

She’s becoming quite the strong little girl as well, and enjoys nothing so much as ninja-kicking me in the face or nether regions when she gets fussy. Sara and I speculate she may be trying to prevent future siblings from hogging her limelight. She is definitely a Diva-in-training with her temper and demands.

Daddy, as the lone male, is now on borrowed time…

In addition to her physical growth, it has been interesting to watch the evolution of her personality as well. She has been getting fussy a lot lately, but she’s also starting to show signs of curiosity as well.

Contemplative Emi.
“How do we resolve possible velocity attenuation as a function of frequency domain?”

She has also begun letting us know what her preferences are as far as certain things are concerned. She likes to be warm and really doesn’t like the cold. Her Daddy, on the other hand, loves the cold, while her Mommy likes to be bundled up in the cold to feel warm. Not Emi. She prefers to be ridiculously warm, to the point where she starts to sweat. Sometimes when she sleeps on my chest, I have difficulty telling if she threw up on me, of if she is just sweating on me.

On average, it’s a 50/50 chance for either.

She has also started to show some very strong preferences in music. Preferences that make me very proud. I played a metal song for her recently, and she was very content. I played an acoustic version of the same song, and she started to cry. I put the original heavy metal version back on, and she stopped crying.

In addition to that, she has continued to show preferences in the songs I sing for her. When she gets fussy, I’ll walk around with her and bounce her around to calm her, but usually it takes me singing to really calm her. I try some nice mellow songs, and still she fusses. I started singing Guns N’ Roses “Don’t Cry” and she calmed right down. I followed that up with “I Walk Alone” by Iced Earth, and she fell right asleep in my arms. For those of you not familiar with the song, here it is.

I couldn’t be prouder of my little girl. Raise the fist of the Metal child!


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  1. Margaret Dugan says:

    Oh my gosh – You’ve brainwashed her just like you did to Grandma – metal forever