Allow me to say up front that Sara will probably want to slap me for this post, but it’s too cute for me to ignore. Emi’s got a sweater that Sara’s mom made for her that is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. It looks really good on her, and I think it intensifies the amazing, heretofore unknown levels of awesomeness that my daughter naturally exudes. So why would Sara beat the crap out of me over that?

The sweater is done in Kwanzaa colors.

Happy Kwanzaa.
Happy Kwanzaa, Internet!

I absolutely love this sweater, and think it looks great on her, but you have to admit that it is absolutely Kwanzaalicious. I think it’s awesome, and Sara just shakes her head and rolls her eyes when I say it. Hopefully the physical violence will be kept to a minimum, because I just couldn’t help sharing pictures like these.

Fight The Power!
The Revolution Will Not Be Pacified.

Happy Kwanzaa.
Emi reaches for a pound. Don’t leave her hanging.

Kwanzaa has always been one of my favorite holidays, and this just makes it that much better for me. Unfortunately, Emi found out the hard way that fighting the power can be exhausting work.

Emi has a Dream.
Emi has a dream…

Emiko > Everything. That is all.



  1. Valerie Renee says:

    Kwanzaa rules! Just like Emi-chan!

  2. Dad says:

    Matt the photos are great. Sara and Emi look relaxed. All seems well and it sounds like work is rewarding