Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to take a moment to share with you the new, fresh face of the Heavy Metal Movement:

Metal Is Forever!!!

You may not think she looks very Metal in this picture, but don’t let her looks deceive you; in her chest beats a heart that was born to rock. Some of you may be dubious, or may not believe some of the things I have posted here. However, I have come to you today with solid, irrefutable evidence that liquid Metal flows in my baby’s veins. If you will, kindly view Daddy’s Exhibit A:

Not enough proof for you yet? Well, when the Iced Earth song ended, Emi jumped and started to stir at the sudden radio silence. Sara tried to fill the void using something very un-Metal in Colbie Caillat, which is apparently pronounced Colby Kayak. Emiko’s reaction is quite clear, as seen in Daddy’s Exhibit B:

This is me e-thumbing my nose at all of you naysayers out there who didn’t believe it could be true. Sure, I like to make jokes and play around, but when it comes to Metal, I am serious as they come.

Let the truth be known: Emiko. Is. Metal.

End transmission.


One Comment

  1. Aunt Duck says:

    Loving the videos and the constant updates!
    Miss you Sara, I look forward to coming out there soon :D
    PS it’s Cole-bee kal-lay