I have mentioned before that when Emi gets fussy, I will walk her around and sing to her to get her to calm down. For some reason, Daddy’s voice seems to soothe her and put her to sleep. However, traditional lullabies and mellow melodies don’t do the trick. She vastly prefers Daddy to sing Metal to lull her off to Dreamland.

Now the song I am singing in that video may not seem very Metal, but I assure you it is. It’s a song called “I Died For You” by Iced Earth, and is from the album The Dark Saga which is about Spawn, which just happens to be one of the best comic characters in history. For those who haven’t ever heard the actual song, check it out below.

This was the first song I had ever heard by Iced Earth, and I fell in love with it immediately. Now, they are one of my favorite bands. Apparently one of Emi’s favorites as well.

So, you may be thinking it is coincidence that she should calm down, because even though it is a Metal song, it doesn’t sound it when I sing it. Well, turns out Emi also likes some Doom and Death Metal vocals as well.

That’s a song called “Swallowed By The Moon” by November’s Doom. It’s a really good song written from the perspective of a father to his child. It’s probably not up everyone’s alley, particularly because of the Doom-style vocals, but Emi seems to dig it nonetheless.

I love the fact that Emi is exhibiting Metal tendencies, but I am starting to fear that she may someday become more Metal than even I am.

Just kidding! Like that could ever happen.


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  1. Aunt Duck says:

    Okay so just to prove your experimentation truly works, you should show Em-Dot in the midst of a babypocolypse moment and then you singing and then her not being in babypocolypse mode any more :P