Another weekend is quickly drawing to a close here in the Whitaker household. Sara is in bed with Emiko, finally having gotten Miss Fussy to fall asleep tonight. She was overtired, and as such became awfully cranky and had difficulty finally falling asleep. Daddy Magic only went so far. I could get her out for about ten minutes at a time, but then she’d jerk herself awake and fuss some more. She wanted the one thing I couldn’t give her, and once Mommy took her to bed and provided her with a little food, she was out like the sweet angel I know she is deep down inside.

Sometimes, it’s very deep, but I know it’s there.

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I know it’s a couple of days after the fact, but it’s been a particularly hectic time so I haven’t had time to write about it until now. On Tuesday afternoon, Sara’s mom and sister went back to the U.S. after their two-week stay with us. They were a big help to Sara during her first two weeks home from the hospital with little Emi-chan, and I am very grateful for all that they did to help get her ready for her Solo Mom Debut this week.

And I am especially grateful to Siobhan for making the trip, even though she had to fly back to the U.S. on her birthday. Sorry about that.

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I am about to head out with some of the other professors to sip some whiskey for a couple of hours. It’s been a while, and I’m getting the urge. So, instead of some well-thought out piece of prose, or even a poorly thought out piece of prose, I will instead post a video here that will hopefully make you laugh as much as it did me. Enjoy!

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Short post tonight because I am dog tired. I had the lecture for the third year undergraduate students today. I had a lot of trouble trying to figure out exactly what to do for the talk because I was trying to balance out what was too much detail and what was not enough. I was also very afraid that because of the language issue, many of the students would just tune me out and automatically write me off. This fear had been reinforced by some of the other people in the GRC telling me that was what was going to happen.

I was pleasantly surprised.

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So I found myself watching Emiko while she was sleepy/sleeping last night. It still amazes me how fascinated I can be with something that does relatively little, in all reality. Every breath she takes is, to me, the most wondrous thing I have ever seen. It’s hard to quantify or put into words, but I do truly feel that she is the closest thing to a miracle that I have ever experienced in my life.

Smiling Emi.

How can anyone not melt for that?

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So, I saw this link today, and suddenly so many strange things that people do regarding birth don’t seem so bad.

Afterbirth: It’s What’s For Dinner

Now, ordinarily I’d scoff at this, but this article was in TIME. Well, on TIME’s website anyhow. Not something I was expecting. The writer was actually quite humorous about the whole thing, which again I wasn’t expecting from TIME. The video, though, put the icing on the cake.

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I’ve had a couple of people ask where the name of this blog site came from, and while I wish I could claim the genius behind the title as my own, the fact is the credit lies with a vastly under-appreciated musical mastermind that just about everyone’s heard, whether or not they know it: Colin Hay.

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The inspiration behind this post’s title does in fact come from arguably one of the only consistently good things about Saturday Night Live over the years. It was great with Dennis Miller and Kevin Nealon. Even Norm McDonald was alright in that role. But Tina Fey…

Ah, Tina Fey…

Where was I? Oh, yes. Emi had a decent weekend with everyone, though unfortunately I missed half of it by being in the office all day Saturday. She’s getting a lot stronger, and has become quite adept at picking up her head.

Curious Emi.    Emi doing pushups.

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I met with my boss again at the end of this week to pick up our discussions where we left off, and I definitely feel much better about things. We went over, in detail, the events of the meeting, what they mean and where we are headed now. He explained to me that it was unprecedented and a difficult situation to discuss, so he opted to do it in Japanese to minimize the time and trouble it would be with the intent of involving me one-on-one afterward. When he explained everything to me, I understood where he was coming from, and we had a little shared laugh at my “Don’t do it again!” joke.

Aside from the meeting, I also discussed with him some of the other things I mentioned in my previous post. I appreciate the fact that he took about an hour and a half out of his time to talk with me about all these things, as he definitely helped to put my mind at ease.

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These pics are a couple of days old now, but still worth posting as a quick update up in here. Sara first gave Emi a bath here at home a couple of days after they left the hospital. She wasn’t real happy with that bath, which she had in the dishpan, and she showed her displeasure with hearty complaints and some scattered shivering. Unfortunately, while the dishpan is convenient, it’s not very deep, and while Emi does enjoy the warm bath water, she doesn’t enjoy being exposed to the air after being wet. So, to overcome this problem, Mommy used a cutting board and a towel to block off the entire sink to make a big ol’ bath for her, and she seemed much more content this time.

Wet Emi.

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